Homelessness Is a Solvable Problem

Homelessness can be solved “if resources are committed to evidence-based programs,” Mary Cunningham, Sarah Gillespie, and Alexandra Tilsley argue for the Urban Institute.

“That’s where USICH and Opening Doors come in. USICH is an autonomous agency established in 1987 to coordinate the federal response to homelessness and work with local governments and the private sector. Though it has taken different forms, USICH has been reauthorized under both Democratic and Republican administrations.”

Opening Doors was the first comprehensive federal strategy to end homelessness… Now, seven years after the release of Opening Doors, the work is focused on implementing and measuring the strategies it outlines. By examining which strategies work for different populations, we can understand where more progress is needed and what the field’s next steps could be if Congress reauthorizes USICH instead of eliminating the agency altogether.”

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