The Handbook That Can Help Americans Rig the Government

“In this season of civic ferment, one of the most remarkable phenomena has been the success of the ‘Indivisible’ guide. Crafted by four current and former Democratic congressional staffers after the election, this 26-page manual uses inside knowledge of Congress to teach everyday Americans how to resist the Trump agenda,” Eric Liu reports for Politico.

“Drawing unabashedly on the successful Tea Party strategies of 2009–2010, ‘Indivisible’ methodically describes how citizens can pressure our representatives and their staffs both in open arenas and behind closed doors. (At congressional town halls, ‘sit by yourself or in groups of two, and spread out throughout the room’ goes one bit of advice. ‘This will help reinforce the impression of broad consensus.’) It is a step-by-step guide to making a member of Congress cave.”

“On one level, ‘Indivisible’ is a massive success story of citizen power. But on another level, it’s a tantalizing template for

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