EDITORIAL: Automobile manufacturers are hedging their bets on the all-electric cars


Standing on principle is admirable, but sitting on a Plan B just in case is smart. Automakers are doing both to navigate the obstacles they face in building vehicles both powerful and clean. It’s only wise strategy — the future of the fuel is fuzzy.

Major automobile manufacturers vow to do their part for the environment by speeding the shift from gasoline to electric power. In July, Volvo announced it would cease production of cars powered only by an internal-combustion engine. Beginning in 2019, all new models will be electric or hybrid. Ford and General Motors are gearing up to put dozens of electric varieties into their showrooms by 2023. Volkswagen, under pressure from the German government to ban fossil fuel-powered vehicles by 2030, says it will introduce 30 electric models by 2025. Great Britain, France, Norway and India say they will make gasoline-powered cars extinct on their roads.

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