Stalled Farm Bill forges frustration

In an embarrassing defeat for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, the Farm Bill failed in a vote on the House floor on May 18. It wasn’t just one disagreement in the raucous chamber that tanked the massive omnibus bill – but rather a variety of factors.

 Historically, the bill has been an ironclad compromise bill between the two sides of the political spectrum. The bill originated during the Great Depression when food insecurity in the country was a real concern and after the Dust Bowl left family farms wiped out. Over time, the bill has offered subsidies to farms to prop up crops during times of need and also added in conservation practices to preserve soil. Since 1938, the bill is reauthorized every five years, and has been amended to add additional provisions like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, popularly known as food stamps.

 The SNAP program insured Democratic

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