'All hell broke loose': 97-year-old Montanan remembers Pearl Harbor attack with other survivors' family

There are fewer and fewer Pearl Harbor survivors left these days. Montana residents Tom Fultz and Sue Gillespie are intimately aware of that. 

Fultz’s father, Wilbur O. Fultz, died in 2001. Gillespie’s father, Ed Chlapowski, died in 2011. Both survived the attack on Pearl Harbor. 

On Thursday, Fultz set out from his ranch in Fort Benton and Gillespie from her home in Absarokee to have lunch in Lewistown with one of the last remaining Montanans who survived the attack, 97-year-old Hal Conrad.

Growing up in Michigan, Conrad always wanted to fly. So in 1940 he enlisted in the Army Air Corps.

He was stationed at Hickam Field, separated from Pearl Harbor by a fence. On Dec. 6, 1941, a sergeant gave Conrad a break — a six-hour pass to go into town on a Saturday night. Conrad headed down to Honolulu

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