EDITORIAL: Smokers should think twice before falling in the tank for pot


Everyone enjoys his bad habits, else they wouldn’t be habits, but fortunately most of us have the sense to swear off the ones that cause lasting harm. The obvious danger of tobacco to health has pushed cigarette smoking to a record low. Sad to say, the use of marijuana is growing now that ambiguity over its legality is well advanced. Potheads are sometimes thought to be mellow folk, whose only bad habit is wearing out the sofa while lost in lethargic reveries about what they can’t remember. Surprising to some, pothead behavior occasionally ranges into violence. Potheads should learn the underside of the drug before joining the high life.

Contrary to the view that the weed is a trendy drug with little or no downside, there are undeniable reasons to steer clear of the seven-pronged leaf. A new book by Alex Berenson numbers the risks smokers take when they

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