King Of Fakes IDs Review For Illinois and Indiana

In Chicago, Illinois, seized fake IDs can be found at the Secretary of State offices. Since 1984, when the legal drinking age of 21 was implemented, the fake ID market was born, and King of Fakes emerged as a leader shortly after. Hundreds or even thousands of confiscated falsified identity documents can be found at the back of clubs and bars around the state. It has even come to a point where the Bloomington Police Department stopped accepting tons of seized fakes from bouncers and liquor storekeepers just because they no longer have any room. This is happening to people who use poor quality cheap fakes. Top of the line IDs from King of Fakes are much harder to detect – most bouncers just go for low hanging fruit.

Majority of the night scene and college campuses around Bloomington are having problems with widespread use of fake IDs. But the

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