City office filings now open

June 17 at 5 p.m. is the deadline to file for municipal government positions in Choteau, Fairfield and Dutton.

City officials whose four-year terms (unless otherwise noted) are expiring on Dec. 31, and whose positions are open for filing, are:

•Choteau — Mayor Dan Lannen, who was appointed to replace Jack Conatser, for a two-year term; Ward I Councilwoman Jill Owen and Ward II Councilman Steve Dogiakos.

•Fairfield — Ward I Councilman Loren Tacke and Ward II Councilwoman BJ Bouray.

•Dutton — Councilwoman Patricia Bayala, who was appointed to replace Charles Proff, for a two-year term; and council members Robert Dauwalder and Candace Ellsworth.

So far, Lannen, Dogiakos and Tacke have filed for re-election and are running unopposed.

Declarations of nomination are available from the Choteau, Fairfield and Dutton city offices and from the Teton County election administrator’s office at the county courthouse in Choteau.

City council candidates must have

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