Discovery of mussels in Montana waters has Wyoming on high alert

Yellowstone National Park and Wyoming Game and Fish are becoming increasingly vigilant about the dangers to waterways from zebra and quagga mussels.

The tiny invasive species, long on the organizations’ watch list, have the potential to infect and ruin fisheries and even drinking water if not repelled from water systems.

“It’s a disaster,” warned Game and Fish director Brian Nesvik in a talk in Cody last Thursday. “It’s bad stuff.”

Only two days earlier in Cody, Todd Koel, the National Park Service fisheries supervisor in Yellowstone, also addressed the threat.

The recent discovery of mussels in some bodies of water in Montana has helped raise the profile of the small mollusks that are the size of a coin.

“It heightened awareness,” Koel said. “They have been advancing west for some time.”

Mussels are native

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