Don’t get scammed: be aware of schemes

Choteau Post Master Robert Stokes is warning residents to be aware of sweepstakes scams and take precautions so they don’t get fleeced.

“We have had several calls, lots of questions and at least one scam we caught here in Choteau in the last four or five months,” he said last week.

He offers these tips, from the Montana Office of Consumer Protection,, to anyone who receives a notice in the mail that they’ve won money:

•Don’t be fooled by official-looking mail. It’s not legitimate just because the envelope is marked “urgent’ and the contents look impressive.

•Don’t give out personal information. No legitimate company will ever need your Social Security, bank account or credit card numbers to declare you a winner.

•Don’t pay to win. Buying goods or services won’t increase your chances of winning, and you cannot be required to buy something before you collect a prize.


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