EDITORIAL: Here come the driverless cars


America’s lengthy love affair with the automobile is about to be put to the test. Self-driving cars, or as the techno-geeks call them, “highly autonomous vehicles,” are revving up to take over the road, and sooner rather than later. Giving up the keys to a collection of rolling computers will require adjustments.

Prevention of bodily harm to passengers as well as pedestrians is the key to a smooth rollout for the fleets of robotic cars, trucks and buses lining up now in the imaginations of designers. Indeed, thousands of experimental models have been polishing their reliability in test markets for several years. More are on the way. Elon Musk says he will have a million of his self-drive Teslas fanned out across the country by the end of 2020. Ford, General Motors, Uber, and Waymo and others are readying for the race.

The Society of Automotive Engineers has outlined

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