EDITORIAL: U.N. panel on climate change should wait for all the facts on climate change


“Everybody complains about the weather,” observed Mark Twain, “but no one does anything about it.” That may have been true in his happier day, but not now, when we think man can change anything.

Climate change, which is weather over a lengthy period of time, is now on the world’s to-do list. What is done about it is of crucial importance because the price of altering the long-term weather of the entire planet could be higher than the stratosphere. Until uncertainties are resolved that make the contemporary study of climate more science than art, America should take a rain check on a revolution driven by neither art nor science, but fear.

In recognition of scientific uncertainty, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is trying to reduce inaccuracies in the methods participating nations use in calculating greenhouse gas emissions. The organization’s task force on greenhouse gas inventories this

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