EDITORIAL: What Hillary Clinton, other Democrats can learn from baseball


Politics is a lot like baseball. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. The difference is that if you lose, “there’s no crying in baseball,” as Tom Hanks reminded his ladies of the diamond in the movie “A League of Their Own.” In baseball, you’re supposed to hitch up your pants and move on to the next town, the next day and the next game. In politics you’re allowed a few tears, and the Democrats know how to turn on the waterworks.

In 2016 both candidate and party, with assistance from media and pollsters, had so persuaded themselves that a Democratic landslide was at hand that none could accept the reality that they had figured it all wrong. They’ve all been wasting precious time since. The sore loser was meant to be Donald Trump. At the final debate Chris Wallace, the moderator, asked Mr. Trump the question on many minds:

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