Get out the fishing gear

Montana’s rivers are running high, wide and muddy right now and things typically won’t improve much for maybe two months.

That all depends on rainfall and snowmelt. A cool, wet spring will prolong runoff into mid-June; a hot, dry period will clear up rivers and streams faster but not bode well for fisheries later in the summer.

So, what’s an angler to do to catch fish? Better yet, what’s a fish to do to find food?

We might give up dry flies and switch to worms. Fish will stick with their vision, smell and taste.

Fish are amazing creatures. They swim better than a gold-medal Olympian and breathe underwater. Of course, they have fins for swimming and gills for breathing, but it works from them. Certainly better underwater than our arms, legs and lungs.

Fish do have the same five senses we do, but they have adapted to a life

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