On Little Bighorn Battlefield trip, students learn what their history books skip

Custer’s last stand has been the subject of dozens of books, movies, or TV specials that focus on the “Boy General” and his flowing locks.

For Walter Runsabove, they miss a big chunk of the story.

“These are things that you’re not going to see in the movies, you’re not going to see in the history books,” he told a group of West High students Tuesday as a bus rumbled down the Elk River valley — the Cheyenne name for the Yellowstone River.

Runsabove led a field trip for English and Montana history students to the Northern Cheyenne and Crow reservations, including a stop at the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument.

“I’ve done so many surveys of kids. They will say, ‘Yeah, I’ve been to the battlefield,’” said Jacie Jeffers, an Indian Education Coach for Billings Public Schools. “Coming from (the Northern

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