EDITORIAL: Winning the human race


Summer approaches, and a gloomy pall, some of it manufactured and some of it real, casts a shadow over the land of the free. The heartland is wrapped in real sorrow as tornadoes and floods threaten hearth, factory and field. An ill wind blows through the nation’s capital, as political warfare most bloody threatens a duly elected president. Nevertheless, shutting out the woes of a troubled era, a different perspective comes into view. In the larger view, things have never been better.

The modern age supplies the human race in mind and body with the ingredients of achievement, some of it spectacular indeed. Well-seasoned adults can vouch for the stunning progress over their lifetimes. Financial resources have long been the bulwark that keeps the wolf from the door, and the growth of earning power has exploded. U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) per capita has expanded 2.5 times over since

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