Tariffs on Mexico are off, and China is up next

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NO TARIFFS … HOW IT’S PLAYING … NYT: “U.S. CANCELS PLAN TO IMPOSE TARIFFS ON MEXICAN GOODS … Trump Reveals Pact That Thwarts Crisis With Ally and Fellow Republicans” PDF

— WAPO: “U.S. and Mexico sign agreement, avoid tariffs … TRUMP ANNOUNCES DEAL ON MIGRANTS … Southern neighbor to strengthen enforcement” PDF

— DALLAS MORNING NEWS: “U.S. Mexico deal puts tariffs on hold … Trump says plan will ‘greatly reduce’ illegal immigration to U.S.” PDF

THE DEETS, via NYT’s Mike Shear, Ana Swanson and Azam Ahmed: “This time, Mexican authorities were under similar pressure to find something that would mollify Mr. Trump. According to a United States-Mexico Joint Declaration distributed late Friday, Mexico agreed to ‘take unprecedented steps to increase enforcement to curb irregular migration,’ including the deployment of its national guard throughout the country to stop migrants from reaching the

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