EDITORIAL: Special relationship between U.S., Britain will nevertheless prosper, endure


Diplomacy isn’t always diplomatic. Kim Darroch, late the British ambassador in Washington, had several choice things to say about what he thinks of President Trump, and now he’s gone. He put his remarks in a cable (more correctly called a “cablegram”) to London and a busybody in the Washington embassy or the Foreign Office in London leaked them to a London newspaper, the Mail on Sunday.

Much of what Mr. Darroch said was familiar to readers of The New York Times and The Washington Post, or to viewers of CNN and MSNBC. President Trump is “inept.” The White House is “uniquely dysfunctional.” The White House is riven by “factions.” The president has connections to “dodgy Russians.”

The leaked cablegram calls to mind the leaking of American diplomatic cablegrams nearly a decade ago. In that case, Wikileaks released 250,000 stolen cablegrams by U.S. diplomats in dozens of world capitals, which

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