EDITORIAL: Democrats' impeachment payback


The wheel has come full circle, as Shakespeare said in so many words. Ever since Republicans tried and failed to remove Bill Clinton from the presidency with charges of lying and obstructing justice, Democrats have been yearning for Shakespearean retribution. But the scheme to impeach Donald Trump, the man who rose to power by the doubly injurious act of defeating Hillary and ending the Clinton dynasty, is bereft of poetic justice. Vengeance is not justice, and there is nothing poetic about payback.

New York Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler, who tried in 1998 to block release of the Starr Report that led to Mr. Clinton’s impeachment, is leading House Democrats’ efforts to find damning information supporting the charge that President Trump canoodled with Russia to get elected in 2016. Last week, Mr. Nadler used his platform as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee to announce “formal impeachment proceedings.”

“We are

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