EDITORIAL: Methods of stopping evildoers must not punish the law-abiding


It has happened again, and again. Not one, but two mass shootings over the weekend have triggered a desperate national outcry for action to stop the carnage. With a Texas-sized massacre in El Paso followed by another in Ohio, Dayton-area mourners punctuated a vigil led by Gov. Mike DeWine with chants of “do something.” Indeed, something must be done, or possibly many things. Whatever the remedy, though, liberty must not be trampled along the pathway to security.

Suspected El Paso shooter Patrick Crusius, charged with killing 22 innocents and wounding two-dozen others shopping at a Walmart on Saturday, purportedly posted an online rant lamenting of the loss of American culture in the flood of illegal immigration plaguing southern border communities.

The 21-year-old’s attack was superseded early Sunday morning by gunfire from 24-year-old Connor Betts, who allegedly shot nine fatally — including his own sister — and injured 27 on

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