EDITORIAL: Summer adds sizzle to solutions for climate change


The silly season has arrived. Just as busy people are ready for a well-deserved break from midsummer’s heat and humidity, the foretellers of global warming have burst forth with warnings that without drastic action, there will be no escape. Climate is a common concern the year ‘round, but notions about preserving its natural balance track seem to rise with the temperature. The sensationalizing of heat waves and the disincentivizing of meat consumption as a cooling scheme are ideas of value for entertainment, but not for implementation.

This summer’s unseasonably hot weather in the British Isles has prompted wags at the London School of Economics to contend that heat waves should be given names, like hurricanes, as a means of ramping up the public’s concern of the state of the climate. Londoners, accustomed to keeping umbrellas handy to ward off chilly drizzle, have watched the mercury approach 100 degrees Fahrenheit

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