Partnerships are a priority for Helena College's new dean

Helena College’s new dean wants to put the “community” back in “community college.”

Vosejpka is taking a measured approach to becoming Helena College’s new dean. When asked what she thinks could change at the college, Vosejpka said that’s something she would have to find out over time. She has no intentions of making changes as soon as she begins her new position. Rather, she hopes to observe what works and what doesn’t at Helena College and make adjustments from there. 

“The place has good bones. The foundation is good. The people are committed,” Vosejpka said. “The college has all the parts to make that next move.” 

Vosejpka described Helena College as a place with “a strong track record of finding a direction and moving forward.” She thinks this headstrong attitude and her unique background as both a classroom educator and administrator at Mid

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