Teton County youth “blast off ” at annual camp

Teton County 4-H teen camp counselors started planning back in January to Blast Off with 4-H at 4-H camp in July.

The camp counselors — Taylor Asselstine, Bellamy Beadle, Kwin Briscoe, Justin Forseth, Nolan Forseth, Quincy Holmquist, Madeline Konen, Rebekah Major, Katie Major, Maggie Toeckes, Trever Severinsen and Zane Somerfeld — along with the 4-H volunteer camp director Marla Holmquist and MSU Extension Agent Jane Wolery plan all aspects of camp.

During the process, counselors learn organization, planning and team-building skills. All counselors also plan and teach workshops to launch the learning through 4-H. Numerous campers, ages 8-14, mentioned that they wished camp lasted at least one more day.

The camp is held at Camp Rotary near Monarch. Teton County 4-H Camp is supported by several volunteers and chaperones. Leona Somerfeld of Power is the head cook, assisted by Cathy Campbell of Choteau.

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