EDITORIAL: John Bolton departure from White House could offer Trump new diplomatic opportunities


Nobody ever said the Trump White House offered much in the way of job security. President Trump has just let go of his third National Security Adviser, John Bolton, joining prior White House casualties H.R. McMaster and Michael Flynn. Mr. Bolton had been in the post since April of last year.

John Bolton, a hawk and veteran of the neoconservative George W. Bush administration, was an odd choice for President Trump, who has made reducing America’s global footprint a priority. His hiring was to Mr. Trump’s credit: He was willing to elevate somebody with whom he knew he might occasionally disagree. The president was happy to entertain alternate point of views, a sign of good leadership.

And disagree they did. Mr. Trump has extended diplomatic overtures to North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and the Taliban in Afghanistan. Mr. Bolton opposed both initiatives. Mr. Bolton is also an Iran hawk; Mr.

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