Shadows of the Past auction 3 decades old

The 30th annual Shadows of the Past art auction is set to take place Friday and Saturday, Sept. 13 and 14, at the Choteau Pavilion and in the City Park. Proceeds are dedicated to supporting the Benefis Teton Medical Center Foundation.

The name “Shadows of the Past” accurately reflects the theme shared among most of the artwork exhibited there: a love for the natural history and beauty of the area. Most of the artwork features landscapes, animals and historical places and people that make Montana special. But at one point in the auction’s 30-year history, the name “Shadows of the Past” had an even stronger link to local history, as the auction was set to benefit Choteau’s Old Trail Museum.

The moniker was coined by artist Elmer Schock, who was a member of the auction’s founding committee, and has been involved with the auction ever since. For 29 of the

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