Trump’s economy has been a boon to minorities and other commentary

Eye on the economy: Trump’s Helped Minorities

Karl Smith at Bloomberg offers a “reasonable explanation” for the upward drift in President Trump’s approval ratings over the past two years: “The economic expansion has been particularly beneficial for minority workers.” Jobless rates for African Americans, Hispanics and Asians are all at “historic” lows. The unemployment gaps between both blacks and whites as well as Hispanics and whites have also hit “all-time” lows. “It’s not just that the job market has been good: For minorities, it has been historically good.” Plus, over the past year, wage gains for nonwhites have been “substantially higher than those of whites,” which suggests “minority workers are getting a greater share” of GDP. “Wittingly or not, Trump’s policy has been more favorable to minority workers than they expected.”

Conservative: Why Americans Love Socialism

“Russia and China are still struggling with the legacy of genocidal communism,” Eastern Europe

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