Carley McCord crash: Victims identified in doomed Louisiana flight

The passengers of a doomed Louisiana flight that claimed the life of Carley McCord, daughter-in-law of a Louisiana State University coach, have been identified, authorities said.

Robert Vaughn CrispGlobal Data Systems

McCord, a 30-year-old sports reporter, was joined by five other people on the eight-person plane to the Peach Bowl in Atlanta that crashed minutes after takeoff in Lafayette, according to the Lafayette Fire Department.

Five people aboard the flight, including McCord, were killed, while a sixth passenger, Stephen Wade Berzas, was in critical condition, authorities said.

The dead were identified as Ian E. Biggs, 51, the plane’s pilot; Robert Vaughn Crisp II, 59; Gretchen D. Vincent, 51; and Michael Walker Vincent, 15.

Several of the victims, including the pilot, were connected to a family-owned Lafayette tech company, Global Data Systems, the Advocate reported.

Gretchen was the wife of the company’s president Chris Vincent, who was not aboard the flight.

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