Cypriot thief tells tourist where to find son's stolen ashes

PARALIMNI, Cyprus (AP) – Cypriot police have recovered the stolen ashes of a Swedish teenager after a man who said he accidentally stole the urn they were in phoned the family in Sweden, offering a tearful apology and directions to the missing container, the late teen’s mother said Monday.

Kinga Bednarz told the Associated Press she’s “relieved and thankful” after her ordeal, saying her conversation with the alleged thief was an “emotional moment.” She said the man, who did not identify himself, insisted he had meant no harm to her or her family.

The urn, inscribed with “Dennis 2000-2019” was in one of three bags stolen last week from a rental car the family was using while on vacation on Cyprus. The family had parked at Governor’s Beach intending to scatter the ashes into the sea.

It’s unclear if the thief’s remorse extended to returning about 200 euros ($224) in

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