Everyday heroes: 19 of the year's most inspirational, heart-tugging stories

We all crave a little good news, and when it comes courtesy of everyday heroes, so much the better.

There were plenty to choose from in 2019. Here are 19 examples that may inspire you this holiday season:

1. College students raise $400G for worthy cause

Thousands of college students gather at Passion 2019 to help raise money to reach nations and people that have never heard the gospel before. (Roxy Moure/Passion 2019)

Almost 40,000 college students kicked off the year at the Passion Conference in Atlanta, where they raised over $400,000 to translate the Bible for deaf people across the world.

The students, who gathered for three days in four different locations, raised $448,370 for the Deaf Bible Society as part of Hope in Every Language, a campaign that helps fund and distribute translations of the stories of Jesus into sign language.

2. Iowa firefighters deliver baby, shovel driveway


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