Juul employees won’t stop vaping at work: report

Even Juul Labs employees are having a tough time kicking their vaping habit.

Staffers at the San Francisco-based firm have continued to puff away at their desks and in meetings — even though Juul bosses have told them to cut it out and threatened punishment, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

The company has tried to snuff out the practice around the country to comply with local laws and lease agreements. But one employee reportedly said Juul’s workplace looks like something out of the TV show “Mad Men,” in which 1960s-era advertising honchos smoke cigarettes like chimneys.

“Just replace the cigarettes with e-cigarettes,” the employee told the Journal.

Juul first told staffers to stop vaping in the office in December 2018, after California and New York, where the company has offices, outlawed the use of e-cigarettes in workplaces. Then-CEO Kevin Burns pledged to install a tent at Juul’s San Francisco

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