LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Effective — but rough around edges

The progressive parrots ‘group think’ about all manner of folderol that their adherents, on bended knee and genuflecting vigorously, confirm as received wisdom (“New Yorker editor David Remnick: ‘It’s a source of great frustration’ people still support Trum,” Web, Dec. 23). That President Trump disrupts their cocoon with rude tweets and tantrums as he goes about resurrecting our economy and Department of Defense upsets the cozy relations they enjoy with a tangled web of elite academics and other liberal thinkers who sway to the same mainstream tunes while sipping chilled Chardonnay.

We hoi polloi just don’t get it as we grasp a beer at day’s end with dirty fingernails and the grime of work on our faces. We have evolved into Trump time, a period in which scatological and imaginative invective decorates political speech on both sides. “Truth” is often like wisps of ground fog, dissipating with the speed

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