Man calls cops on ‘home intruder’ that turned out to be Roomba vacuum cleaner

This burglar really cleaned house.

A North Carolina family called the cops — and even had a weapon on the ready — to protect themselves against a “home intruder” that turned out to be a Roomba vacuum cleaner.

Thomas Milam posted to Facebook on Dec. 23 that he and his wife were watching a movie in the wee hours that morning when he heard a mysterious noise downstairs.

“We both were alarmed, we paused the movie and I had [my wife] Elisa go to a safe place,” Milam wrote. “I immediately grabbed my gun, went to Elisa and we stayed there silently waiting to see if we heard more noises. We did, and in fact they were loud. Someone was definitely downstairs rummaging through things, and it sounded close to us.”

Thomas and Elisa MilamFacebook

Milam asked his wife to call 911 — and police from the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office

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