NYC’s impending foie gras ban has boosted sales up to 30 percent

The New York City Council’s recent move to ban foie gras has only served to goose sales for the fatty delicacy, the industry claims.

Since the November vote, sales of the buttery goose and duck liver are up 20 percent to 30 percent, according to farmers, distributors and chefs who say news of the ban has only helped to remind customers how much they love it.

“Once people read about it, those who love foie gras or have it occasionally say, ‘Let’s go have some foie gras.’ It’s almost a political statement to politicians — stay off of my dinner table,” said Georgette Farkas, owner of Rotisserie Georgette on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

“The day New Yorkers heard about the ban, every single table ordered foie gras. Even at the bar,” chimed in Marco Moreira, the executive chef and owner of French restaurant Tocqueville near Union Square.

Moreira said sales

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