Our father helped found the future Navy SEALs. His vision didn't include Edward Gallagher.

Draper Kauffman Jr. and Kelsey Kauffman

Edward Gallagher has brought shame to a community our father helped found. Now he is being emboldened to tear down our nation’s premier fighting force by a president who does not understand the consequences of his actions.

Our father, Rear Adm. Draper Kauffman, was the founder of the training school for the Navy underwater demolition teams (UDTs) that became the Navy SEALs. After his heroic bomb-disposal actions at Pearl Harbor, he led to the creation of — and was among the first to survive — “Hell Week,” the grueling five-day test of SEAL candidates that continues to challenge the strongest men our country has to offer and is still described as among the most difficult military training in the world.

We can say unequivocally: Dad would have been horrified by the actions of Gallagher and would never have allowed him to remain a part of the Navy SEALs.