Revisit the region's biggest stories from 2019

Here are 10 of those stories we felt were worth revisiting as 2020 approaches:

‘2019 Can Kiss Mine’

The Daily Republic, Mitchell, SD

Showcasing the adversity faced by many farmers in the Midwest this year, we captured compelling images, moments and thoughts from an everyday South Dakotan and his family struggling just to make a living. Read the full article>>

Why we’re sharing it now

“This story was fantastic work that took months to collect and showed the adversity many farmers in the Midwest had to overcome this year. To gather this and put it together truly proves the value of local journalism and demonstrates that we are the storytellers of our communities.” — Luke Hagen, managing editor of The Daily Republic.

Selling a Collection of Classic Cars

WDAY, Fargo, ND

When one bachelor started a dream car collection, there was no way

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