SDRPY Mission in Aden Advances Riyadh Agreement Development Track

He added that this visit would include public sectors such as education, health, water, electricity and all necessary urgent services for Aden, noting at the same time that the program delegation was assessing the engineering and technical needs of Aden Airport and Aden General Hospital, which is receiving support from the Kingdom through the Saudi Development Fund under SDRPY supervision of construction and preparation, and which will open in the next few days.

Over a period of 6 days, the SDRPY delegation will meet with several government and service agency officials, civil and development community organizations, and the private sector in the province, in addition to conducting field trips and workshops with the Yemeni side as a continuation of a series of workshops held at SDRPY headquarters after the announcement of the Riyadh Agreement, with Yemeni Prime Minister Dr. Maeen AbdulMalek Saeed in attendance. The delegation will work on completing

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