Top animal hijinks of 2019: Here are the most viral moments, from hysterical gorillas to cannibalistic snakes

Overly dramatic gorillas fleeing raindrops, a cannibalistic snake and a thieving seagull were some of the animals in videos and photos that went viral in 2019.

In a year consumed by the Russia investigation and President Trump’s impeachment inquiry, the animal hijinks offer a brief respite.

Here are some of the year’s most amusing animal moments:

Gorillas make hilarious attempts to avoid raindrops

The gorillas at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in Columbia went viral in March when video showed the primates behaving just like humans as they tried to take shelter from the rain.

The group of gorillas was seen huddling beneath an overhang as rain pelted the outdoor enclosure. One gorilla, named Acacia, hugged the wall of the overhang in an effort to stay dry and shimmied around a corner out of the rain.

As the three remaining grim-faced gorillas followed, each made a human-like face to show its revulsion to getting wet.

“Gorillas are magnificent, majestic creatures full of grace and beauty…

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