Bullock campaign reimburses state for airplane use

BILLINGS — Gov. Steve Bullock’s campaign has reimbursed the state another $1,155 for extra costs incurred when pilots who flew him for state business had to wait to return while he conducted campaign activities.

The Billings Gazette reports the reimbursements for costs added to nine flights in April, May and June were included in campaign finance reports filed Monday.

Bullock’s campaign said in March it would reimburse the state $2,672 for portions of 21 state business trips that also involved campaign functions between April 2015 and March.

Republicans have argued Bullock is short-changing the state. Three lawmakers said they plan to introduce legislation next year to prohibit the use of the state-owned airplane for campaign purposes and to require the governor to drive to cities less than 120 miles away from Helena, unless it’s an emergency.

From Great Falls Tribune