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Bullock refuses to answer infrastructure questions at fundraiser

Billings – Governor Steve Bullock refused to answer questions about infrastructure funding from a constituent at a fundraiser. Mr. Bullock appeared at a democrat political fundraiser at a private golf club in Billings on Thursday. Bullock’s representatives told those present that the Governor would not be answering any questions on infrastructure funding. The 2017 legislative Read More…

Rob Quist’s drug use becomes issue in final days of campaign

Revelations of Democrat congressional candidate Rob Quist’s drug use have taken center stage in the final days of the campaign to replace Congressman Ryan Zinke. Earlier this week, a national media outlet uncovered court documents in which Quist confessed to regularly using marijuana. When the news reports became public, his campaign cancelled a previously-scheduled interview Read More…

Rob Quist

Court records reveal Rob Quist has genital herpes, uses recreational drugs and suffers from depression

Democrat congressional candidate Rob Quist’s venereal disease, drug use, and marriage problems were revealed to the public this week when a national media outlet uncovered documents from a medical malpractice lawsuit filed by Quist. The documents show, among other things, that Quist suffers from depression, has genital herpes, tested positive for tuberculosis, uses recreational drugs, Read More…

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Wyo. Senate committee narrows scope of pot bill

A Senate committee on Wednesday tightened a bill that deals with penalties for possession of marijuana-infused products. House Bill 197 originally created a tiered penalty system for possession of small amounts of marijuana or marijuana-infused products. The penalty system applied to possession of marijuana in plant form of less than 3 ounces and marijuana-infused products Read More…

Wyoming budget committee to be named today

State lawmakers are continuing to work on Wyoming’s supplemental budget bill, and a committee is expected to be appointed today to iron out the differences in the House and Senate versions of the budget.   The House passed its version of the budget Monday, and the Senate passed its version Friday. From Wyoming Business Report

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