Young Montana professionals meet in Great Falls for conference

Anyone who’s built a career knows there are plenty of challenges along the way.

The Young Professional Summit in Great Falls over the weekend is helping young professionals get their foot in the door when it comes to establishing themselves, and their careers in Montana.

This is the first year of the Summit, which featured a variety of events ranging from networking and socials to educational panels and tours around Great Falls.

The weekend aimed to bring together young professionals from around the state in order to establish business connections and discuss attracting and retaining the younger business generation in Montana.  

Governor Steve Bullock spoke at a networking luncheon Saturday and shared his experiences establishing a career in Montana, along with what the state needs in order to retain professionals- including taking a closer look at all aspects that affect quality of life. 

“We continue to create the communities that they want to live in, so that includes clean air and clean water, that includes communities that accept diversity- that includes solid educational systems,” said Bullock.

Bullock says 80% of students who graduate from the Montana University System are working within the state by their first year. 

The Young Professionals Summit ends Sunday with a networking event along with an amateur paddle board race.