Attorney General Tim Fox aims to improve conditions for victims of crime

On Thursday, a crime victim forum at the Willson School gave people the chance to come forward and discuss how they feel law enforcement could better serve citizens.

A man said his house was broken into three years ago and the alleged robber has been identified but never tried.

Another man said a woman broke into his house, shot him, and attempted to burn down the house.

A woman told her story of being beaten and strangled by a man over a series of different assaults and while she said she filed police reports each time, he was never put behind bars for more than a few days at a time, even after also attempting to kill another woman, until after finally being caught with illegal drugs.

“The first time that he beat me, I got a restraining order, and reported it to the police. And he spent a few days in jail and was let out, and I was not informed. He came to my home and he beat me again,” said Debra Ricci, a Missoula resident who shared her story at the Crime Victim Forum in Bozeman.

Local law enforcement and victim advocate groups were also in attendance.