GOP Leaders: Laslovich fails Montanans; Rosendale fights for jobs

What we need to see in our next state auditor is someone who understands what it takes to help small businesses grow and create Montana jobs.

It deeply concerns us that Jesse Laslovich has none of that experience, and worst of all, his record shows him to be anti-business and anti-jobs, and that kind of record is wrong for Montana.

While serving in the Montana Legislature, Jesse received failing business scores from the Montana Chamber of Commerce. A review of these scores should give voters cause for concern: He consistently received scores in the mid-40s to low 50s, and in one year received a record low of 7. These are failing scores by any measure and to receive a low score of 7 only reinforces the fact that he is not the fighter our small business community needs to help with job creation.

Now if you look at Matt Rosendale’s record, it shows that he gets what it takes to help businesses succeed and create jobs: He’s grown a company and helped create jobs, received the Champion of Business award all three sessions of the Montana Legislature, and got perfect or near perfect scores from the Montana Chamber of Commerce.

Matt Rosendale’s record is exactly the kind of leadership and experience we need as our next state auditor.

Debby Barrett, R-Dillon, is president of the Senate and Austin Knudsen, R-Culbertson, is speaker of the House for Montana.