Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana makes the move to new home

One of downtown Helena’s largest employers is ready to make a move to the east side of town.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana will start operations Monday at its new headquarters in the Mountain View Meadows subdivision. Leaders say the move will be in several stages and should be finished in about two weeks.

Spokesperson John Doran says BCBS has been looking for new offices for more than a decade. The company has about 400 employees in Helena. Currently, they’re spread out over two buildings the company leases downtown. The new building will have enough space to house all 400 employees, and BCBS will own it.

”We know that from a long-term perspective, it’s cheaper to own one building than it is to lease two,” said Doran. “So for the long-term cost-effectiveness, this just makes sense for us and for our employees.”

BCBS promises to remain committed to the downtown Helena community.

“Whether that’s partnering financially with the nonprofits such as the Prickly Pear Land Trust, the Grandstreet Theatre, the YWCA, or rolling up our sleeves and volunteering more than 7,000 hours of community service every year, that commitment’s going to remain,” Doran said.

The new building, designed by SMA Architects and built by Dick Anderson Construction, is still within Helena city limits. Doran says that was an important consideration for the company.

“We’re just happy to cement our long-term presence here in Helena, and keep that commitment to both Helena and Montana,” he said.

BCBS’s new offices are located at 3645 Alice Drive, south of U.S. Highway 12 at Crossroads Parkway.