Wyoming In Top 7 Of Overall Worst Representation On Election Day

When our founding fathers set up the greatest nation known to man, they expected the citizens to take an active part in it by voting. Where does Wyoming stand?

Our friends at WalletHub.com did a study and found that the National Voter Representation Index at 87 percent. They also found that different demographic groups are leaning toward presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Recently, WalletHub released their findings for the States with the best and worst representation on Election Day and it showed that Wyoming has some work to do.

The matrix that was used to measure Wyoming’s status in the nation was based on age, race and gender. Here is where the Cowboy State ranked.

Worst Overall Representation

  1. South Dakota (73.10%)
  2. Kentucky (78.54%)
  3. Utah (78.61%)
  4. Kansas (79.23%)
  5. Idaho (80.39%)
  6. Delaware (81.19%)
  7. Wyoming (81.24%)

Best Overall Representation

  1. Virginia (92.51%)
  2. Ohio (90.93%)
  3. Missouri (90.78%)

We are thankful for Wyoming’s Secretary of State Ed Murray and his staff, who are doing their best to get more of us in the Cowboy State to show up and vote on Election Day.