Gaming analytics startup Mobalytics grabs $2.6 million in seed funding

After taking the top spot at Disrupt San Francisco’s Startup Battlefield, Mobalytics has been hard at work preparing to roll out their analytics-driven competitive gaming coach to more and more of the nearly 20,000 users who have signed up for early access.


In the six weeks since Disrupt SF, the company has been raising capital so they can recruit more talent and expand their operations across the globe. Today, the company is announcing that it has raised a seed round of $2.6 million from Almaz Capital, Founders Fund, General Catalyst and GGV Capital. This is the company’s first major bout of fund raising.


Mobalytics is staunchly focused on the private beta rollout later this month of its product for players of the massively popular League of Legends. This beta will give access to the first 10,000 people on its waiting list.


Mobalytics utilizes existing APIs and other available data to capture the significant information needed to assess a player’s gaming skills. Using something it calls the Gamer Performance Index (GPI), Mobalytics delivers a snapshot of a gamer’s playing style along with all their strengths and weaknesses within a single image. This not only allows them to see what they need to improve on but it offers them a chance to better match themselves against competitors or to build a more effective team.


The company is focusing on the top PC e-sports titles initially, though the team said console gamers are certainly on their mind, as well. Early next year they will be expanding support to Overwatch gamers and update their GPI for first-person-shooter gameplay so you can know exactly how your accuracy and speed are faring in the heat of battle. Pre-registration is live for the Overwatch PC beta now.


As the company looks to gets its product in the hands of more and more early users, they’re still focusing on their larger goal of turning their GPI score into an industry standard for measuring competitive gaming expertise. With a quick check of a teammates’ GPI, you can know everything about their gameplay and know when and when not to rely on them.


“The most important goal for now is to make sure that our algorithms generate meaningful insights and add value to the player experience,” Amine Issa, Mobalytics co-founder said. ” We want players to see themselves in the GPI. Only in that way will they trust the platform and rely on Mobalytics to up their game.”

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