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Supporters rally at capitol for school choice

Helena – More than 300 people rallied at the capitol Wednesday in support of school choice. Supporters are asking the Legislature to support several bills this session. Montana is one of only three states in the nation with no form of school choice.

“Every student deserves the chance to find his or her perfect educational fit,” said Jeff Laszloffy, President and CEO of the Montana Family Foundation, one of the lead organizers of the rally.

Laszloffy and Speaker of the House Austin Knudsen addressed the crowd along with representatives from other pro-school choice organizations.

“Every session we get meaningful school choice closer to the goal line. I’m pleased to tell you that this session the charter school bill sponsor is Rep. Jonathan Windy Boy,” Knudsen said.

According to Laszloffy, the Legislature will have the opportunity to choose from several school choice bills. He said legislation is planned to enable charter schools and education savings accounts for students with special needs, and expand tax credits for donations to scholarship funds.

“Ensuring access to a quality education for all of Montana’s children is vital to preparing them for a successful future. I am excited to be working with Rep. Windy Boy on this critical education issue for Native American children. I have found Rep. Windy Boy to be a dedicated leader in this field,” Senate Majority Leader Fred Thomas stated in a press release.

The rally was part of events for National School Choice Week which is held every January. The rally was organized by a collation of pro-school choice groups including: ACE Scholarships, Big Sky Scholarships, Americans for Prosperity, the Montana Family Foundation, Montana Catholic Schools, the Montana Federation of Independent Schools, and the Montana Policy Institute.

“Forty-seven states already have school choice,” Laszloffy said. “It’s a tried and true public policy that has passed muster all over the country.”


By: Big Sky Headlines Staff