Montana Made: Parker’s Hangover Tonic

CASCADE – Tucked in an old poker room in the back of the Driftwood Bar in Cascade, Amy Eisenzimer (formerly Parker) mixes just five ingredients to make a drink with a kick: Parker’s Hangover Tonic.

“I do recommend this to customers that are hungover…a little hair of the dog always helps,” said Eisenzimer.

Parker’s Hangover Tonic is a hot sauce-based Bloody Mary mix in concentrate form, meaning that 24 drinks can be made from one 24-ounce bottle.

And after years of enjoying her Bloody Marys, friends and family encouraged Amy to sell the recipe she had perfected.

“You never get the same drink twice with a bloody mary. So it was my thought, wouldn’t it be nice if you could get the same thing all the time? So I just started messing around with different concoctions and recipes. It’s just a nice combination of spices,” said Eisenzimer.

Amy wants to keep those five ingredients a secret, but said it’s no secret how much people love Parker’s Hangover Tonic.

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