Rob Quist’s drug use becomes issue in final days of campaign

Revelations of Democrat congressional candidate Rob Quist’s drug use have taken center stage in the final days of the campaign to replace Congressman Ryan Zinke.

Earlier this week, a national media outlet uncovered court documents in which Quist confessed to regularly using marijuana.

When the news reports became public, his campaign cancelled a previously-scheduled interview with Lee newspapers. Both Quist and his campaign refused to answer questions about his drug use and current stance on marijuana.

According to the Billings Gazette,Thursday Quist denied every being cited for marijiuana possession only to have his campaign spokesman admit later the same day that Quist had in fact previously been cited for marijuana possession.

While the recently uncovered documents reveal a decades-long pattern of drug use, it is not known if Quist continues to use marijuana.

By: Big Sky Headlines Staff