Meth contributing to high percentage of overall crime in Gallatin County

It seems like hardly a day goes by when you don’t see someone arrested in Gallatin County for a methamphetamine-related offense.

It could be when a Bozeman police officer pulls over a driver for a traffic offense and discovers a small baggie with a crystalline substance and a residue-covered pipe.


It could be when an investigator with the Missouri River Drug Task Force serves a search warrant on a home and finds meth in a box in a bedroom of a home where three children live.

No matter how it is discovered, methamphetamine permeates Gallatin County like the rest of Montana, leaving officials working to find elusive solutions.

Capt. Ryan Stratman of the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office is the commander of the Missouri River Drug Task Force, a multi-agency unit that investigates drug-related crimes.