Rosendale and Tester exchange letters over health care

State Insurance Commissioner Matt Rosendale and Sen. Jon Tester exchanged lively letters this week over health care reform with Rosendale calling on the Democratic senator to not fight needed change and Tester telling Rosendale to give Montanans information to make good decisions on how best to make quality health care more affordable.

The letters come as insurers are filing for 2018 premium rates and as federal lawmakers are considering changes to the Affordable Care Act.

On Monday, Tester sent a letter to Rosendale, a Republican in his first term as the state’s securities and insurance commissioner, saying Rosendale’s office plays a “lynchpin role in ensuring Montanans do not pay more than a reasonable rate for their health coverage” under proposals considered by President Donald Trump’s administration at it seeks to replace the Affordable Care Act.